Are children losing the love of reading?

With the number of gadgets available today, it’s not surprising that the old image of a child curling up in a corner with a book seems limited to pictures and ads more than reality.
The advent of the all essential mobile devices have brought along with them a flip-side too!
Health issues related to sedentary habits, vision disturbances as a result of increased screen time, etc are just the tip of the iceberg. The long term effects of a stay at home lifestyle are yet to manifest.
Staying healthy isn’t limited to physical health alone. Mental health is an important issue. What seems like the most logical solution is unfortunately not being implemented as much as it should and we have parents to take on responsibility for that.
Good nurturing books are an essential part of any child’s growing years and is something parents need to address. We already have a pandemic on hand, neglect of the environment has had a big role to play there. Can we work towards uplifting our society together?
Inculcate the habit of reading in your children. There is an ocean of nurturing wisdom available in print. Revisit your own childhood and brighten up that of your kids.

Published by udtandongmailcom

I am an Anaesthesiologist and an author. I also am a Spiritual Life Coach. I have served in the Indian Armed Forces for 29 years.

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